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1 Dec

Spot-M and Hassan’s Origin Story

Spot-M Surf School Mirleft Inception Story

The Spot-M Surf Academy Mirleft was first founded by Duncan and Hassan all the way back in 2008. Hassan was one of a few locals who owned and rode a surfboard in Mirleft. Back then there were only a handful of boards in town left by some visiting surfers and most were pretty much wrecked/snapped. Hassan as a young man was the greatest sea swimmer and water baby in the region a surfer trapped without a board.

Enter ‘Mr Sunset’ Jeff Hackman

That was until Quicksilver founder and Hawaiian big wave legend Jeff Hackman rocked up in town. This would prove to be a watershed moment in the life of Hassan and trajectory of Mirleft. Having spotted the amazing potential for crowd free surfing year round, Jeff built a house here. Hassan having watched Jeff surf the huge swells that arrive over winter wanted in.

Hassan become the local guide and surfing protege of Mr Hackman and over several years was taught how to find, access and surf the really big stuff on his doorstep. Hassan loved the freedom and fun that surfing allowed him and his friends and wanted to be able to share his amazing waves (generally the smaller stuff) with tourists and decided he would set up a surf school. Just as Hassan was getting set up and English man who was looking to expand his surf school out of Cornwall and into Morocco was introduced to Hassan by a mutual friend Dan Herbert.

What happened next was a match made in heaven, Hassan and Duncan instantly hit it off and became great friends and surfing companions (even though Duncan prefers waves a bit smaller) and from this the new surf brand of Spot-M Surf Holidays Morocco was born.