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About Spot-M

Spot-M Surf Camp and surf school in Mirleft, Morocco

Spot-M are the number one providers of Surf Holidays in Morocco. We are situated in the best position in South Morocco to get to all of the best waves this area has to offer.

Spot-M Surf Camp runs Surf Holidays in Mirleft, Morocco for surfers of all ages and abilities. We are now long established as the number one surf Surf camp, surf school and accommodation provider in Mirleft and the surrounding area of South Morocco.

Where And How?
Our Anglo-Moroccan partnership is a fusion of the local Berber and Cornish hospitality and a harmonious blend of the best of both.

Spot-M was founded in 2008 by Duncan Trevillion, Hassan Benjamal and Youba Benjamal.

Coming from a background of running a coastal hotel in Cornwall and working for local surf company ‘Global Boarders’ Duncan had a dream to create a new type of Morocco Surf Camp. The vision was of a place away from the overcrowded spots north of Agadir and as far away from the pollution you find in those spots. With a passion for the highest levels of hospitality based customer service that he brought from helping to run his family hotel in Cornwall, Duncan wanted to fuse this experience with running surf holidays in Morocco. A customer led surf camp showcasing the incredible culture and hospitality of Morocco.

With years of exploring the gems of South Morocco, Hassan had the know how and the experience. Hassan also had a dream to create Mirleft’s first genuine surf camp. He had seen the new surf camps of Tarazout, he knew Mirleft had something special and unique to offer international surfers and wanted to share it. However he did not yet have access to the clientele who would love to visit and surf these amazing surf spots.

Duncan and Hassan: the two parts of the Spot-M jigsaw were destined to meet. Whilst searching out the perfect place and the perfect person to found a company with Duncan was travelling around Morocco and found his paradise in Mirleft.

After a chance encounter with the man who first turned him onto surfing 20 years previous, a man called Dan Herbert he explained his vision. Dan knew Hassan and arranged for their first introduction.

Duncan and Hassan hit it off like long lost best friends and it was an instant and special bonding between them. They both wanted to make a Moroccan surf camp and Moroccan Surf school in the area that would be different. One that would be all about quality over quantity, culture over cool. But also family friendly and above all affordable and accessible to surfers of all ages, abilities and nationalities.

With a lot of time, work and travel Hassan, Duncan and Youba who is now the cornerstone of Spot-M operations have been building Spot-M Surf Camp in Mirleft into a real standout. We have now become the number one surf school in South Morocco and number one Surf Camp in Mirleft.

With Youba and Hassan’s incredible and expansive knowledge of not only the uncharted coastline around the area but also of the amazing surf spots on offer further South in the Sahara we would have been crazy not to share this with our guests. With so many new guests and those coming back to each year on year we know this was a vision that has proven to be popular.

We currently own and run the Spot-M 4 bedroom villa with pool and the Spot-M 5 bedroom guest house as well as the recently expanded Spot-M surf school proudly sitting on the best beach in the area for surfers of all abilities.

What’s Next?

Our Surf Camp in Mirleft, Morocco is about to undergo its biggest expansion in 15 years to truly deliver another level to our amazing surf holidays and experiences.

With a new 20 bedroom hotel, restaurant and spa mini resort overlooking one of the finest point breaks in the area we will be able to offer a truly luxury and quality experience for our guests at an affordable price. With a huge roof lounge/bar and infinity pool for our guests to enjoy its on schedule to be open by summer 2024.

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Director, Surf School Manager, Director of operationss

The star of Spot-M, best surfer in Mirleft, nicest guy in the world and safest pair of hands in Morocco.
Youba has been with Spot-M from the start and has risen through the ranks to become our key member of staff. Nothing is ever too much trouble, best host you could imagine, amazing surf coach and guide who likes a party. Runs all of our holidays on the ground like a machine.
Likes his surf in the ‘however it comes man, I will make the most of it’ Which he always does.

Director and Co-Founder, behind the scenes maestro.

Mastermind of everything that happens in Morocco. Takes Duncan’s plans and makes them into a reality.

Has moved more behind the scenes recently to make sure Spot-M runs like a well oiled machine at all times. Currently overseeing our new resort building project.

Likes his waves in the 12-15ft range, hellish currents with less than 25% chance of survival.

Favourite wave: Jaws/Mavericks/Teahupoo.
Total hero.

Director and Co-Founder, Head Of Sales, Online and Holiday Host

Co-Founded Spot-M with Hassan in 2008. Looks after Spot-M’s operations, logistics, networking ,sales and the hub between the directors.

Plans and organises all Spot-M trips large and small. Host for select trips.

Likes his surf in the 3-6ft range, lined up and breaking for at least 100m.

Has been told he gets too many waves.
Favourite wave: The Point/ Raglan/Blue Boats and of course Spot-M

Head Chef

Zara is by far and away our most indispensable team member. They say \ surfer runs on their stomach, well here at Spot-M we couldn’t agree more. Zara produces the most incredible meals for our customers day in day out. Professionally trained but with that home cooking Moroccan style delivery she keeps Spot-M running with her mouth watering dishes.
Using all super fresh local ingredients, catering for all eaters, veggies, vegans, gluten free etc.
Specialties: Tagines, salads, fresh fish and pancakes to blow your mind.

Why Chose Spot-M?

Surfing Holidays in Morocco

What Makes Spot-M Different? Duncan Explains

What Can You Expect From A Spot-M Surf Holiday?

What we can offer

Our morocco surfing holidays are suitable for surfers off all ages and abilities. We provide surf tours and surf tuition that are ideal for surf groups, couples, families, friends and solo surfers. Surfing holidays with Spot-M offer a variety of different packages from budget to luxury with a few specialist packages that include yoga/Pilates/surf/therapies as well as having the best team of qualified instructors, who have an extensive knowledge of local surf in Morocco and hosts to look after you. All of our packages can be adapted to meet your needs so just let us know what we can do to create your perfect surfing holiday here in Morocco.

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