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We are Open and accepting bookings for- Autumn - Winter 2021/22 Subject To Moroccan Government Travel Guidance. Proof of double vaccination 2 weeks prior to travel or negative pcr test no more than 48 hours will permit entry into Morocco. We are offering Increased Booking Flexibility To Suit You. Contact Us Today To Find Out More And Book Your Surf Holiday duncan@spot-m.com / +44 (0)7855072201


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Surf Holiday Morocco

Surf Camp Morocco - Surf Holiday Morocco With Spot-M Surf Holidays.

Spot-M Surf South Morocco Since 2008

Surf Camp Morocco and Surf School Morocco

Spot-M are the number one providers of Surf Holidays in Morocco. We are situated in the best position in South Morocco to get to all of the best waves this area has to offer. Spot-M runs  Surf Holidays Morocco for surfers of all ages and abilities. This includes the uninitiated looking to give it a first go. Our Surf Camp and Surf School Morocco, in Mirleft has been delivering quality surf holidays since 2008. We are established as the number one surf school in Mirleft, Surf camp in Mirleft and indeed all of South Morocco.

Where And How?

Our Anglo-Moroccan partnership is a perfect fusion of the cultural differences. Established in 2008 by Duncan Trevillion and Hassan Benjamal. They had a dream to create a new type of Morocco Surf Camp. One that’s away from the overcrowded spots north of Agadir and as far away from the pollution you find in those spots. With years of exploring the gems of South Morocco, Hassan had the know how and the experience. However he did not have access to the clientele who would benefit the most from these amazing surf spots. Hassan wanted to make a Moroccan surf camp and Moroccan Surf school in the area that would be different.  One that would be all about quality over quantity, culture over cool. But also family friendly and above all affordable and accessible to those people who understand.

With a lot of time, work and travel Hassan and Duncan slowly and quietly have been building Spot-M Surf Vacations into a real niche surf camp. They have now become without doubt the number one surf school in Morocco and number one Surf Camp in North Africa. Not wishing to blow our own trumpet or anything. 

With Hassan’s incredible and expansive knowledge of not only the uncharted coastline around the area  but also of the amazing surf spots on offer further South in the Sahara proper we would have been crazy not to share this with our guests. So after pioneering Surf guiding to world class spots all over South Morocco (but not revealing them) we have broken the frontier and are offering our most amazing service for our clients.. 4×4 Surf Expeditions into the Sahara Desert. yes that’s right, camping in style on empty beaches and point breaks, travelling with an amazing team who now all the spots, all the routes and will also make you 3 delicious meals a day, snacks in between, set up and break camp etc and so much more! For more information and to book your Sahara Surf trip then click here

Our Surf Camp Morocco is now looking at the next ten years ahead of us. Without wanting to give too much away, we have big plans to take Spot-M Morocco to the next level. We are super excited to share this with all of you lovely people out there very soon. For all our news and info please do check our simple but well loved website out and get in touch today. Either if you want a surf holiday or even if you just want to say hi!

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