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Join The Spot-M Team In South Morocco To Take You To All OF Our Very Best, Clean, Uncrowded Waves

Our Surf Camp In Mirleft is perfectly situated on the South coast of Morocco to access some of Morocco’s best and uncrowded waves.

With a world class selection of waves right on our doorstep and a whole treasure trove of points, reefs,slabs and sand banks along the coast both North and South from our camp.

Unlike other parts of morocco, the best waves in the South are usually hidden, unknown secret spots.

This means we can take you to waves few others know about (and we plan to keep it that way!). With our team of surf guides who have over 25 years surf experience of the region you can be sure you are in the very best of hands.



Let Youba Explain

Why Choose Spot-M?

Whats Included?

1. Pick up from your accommodation
2. Expert guiding to the best spots based on your ability and conditions
3. Expert guide to accompany you and your group into the water. Providing tips, coaching, guidance and water safety.
4. Delicious lunch between sessions
5. All equipment hire
6. Insurance
7. Empty waves, barrels and as much stoke as you can handle
These trips are available as a stand alone option or as part of a combined Spot-M surf holiday package. You can choose between 1/2 and full day trips and can be booked as a solo or as part of a group booking.

Surf Guiding 1/2 Day


Surf Guiding Full Day


Surf Guiding 3 Days


Surf Guiding 6 Days


Surf Guiding 3 Days As Part Of A 7 Night En-Suite room or appartment Package


Surf Guiding 6 Days As Part Of A 7 Night en-suite room or appartmentPackage


Book Now For Warm Empty Waves With No Crowds

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    Surf Guiding Morocco

    Surf guiding Morocco with Spot-M is the best way to get to the best waves near Mirleft. This allows you to surf all day without any of the hassle of a usual surf trip. Surf Guiding with Spot-M means being collected each morning from your villa. Then being taken to the best waves on each day. With all our expertise and knowledge on hand to get you flying. If you would like to try Surf guiding Morocco with Spot-M then why not contact us today?

    With so many secret spots in our arsenal and knowledge of spots in all conditions and states of tide don’t mess around trying to find the best waves on your own…. you wont. Book now you wont be disappointed.

    Coming To Mirleft Or South Morocco?

    Are you planning a surf trip to South Morocco and want to find the best waves? If you would like to take advantage of our decades of experience get in touch. Our surf guiding Mirleft packages and surrounding breaks means you will be getting the best waves each day. No messing about checking 20 spots which are not working. If there is a good wave out there we will get you to it  early doors.

    So if you need a team of experienced surfers, guides and coaches you have come to the right place. We have been running surf guiding trips in South Morocco and Mirleft for over 10 years. Spot-M have been surfing the area for over 2 decades. We know all the secret spots, all the variables of tide, swell height and direction. We even know how much sand is on each of the point breaks and how that affects the surf. 


    Tarazout Or Mirleft?

    For so many people, the very idea of a surf trip to Morocco and not going to Tarazout is unimaginable. After all Tarazout is the only really good place to surf in Morocco right? Wrong! There is over 1000 miles of Moroccan coastline and Tarazout covers just a fraction. Whilst no one can argue about the quality of the waves it offers, Morocco has so much more to offer. If you are happy to share your waves with crowds of often over 100 surfers then Tarazout is an option. Are you are happy to risk 24 hrs or more stuck on the toilet due to dirty water then Tarazout is an option. Happy to pay over the odds for sub-standard accommodation or through the nose for good accommodation? Again Tarazout is an option. Surfing well known, crowded waves (also inconsistent) on a well beaten track can seem like the safe option. In this case you might well be missing out.

    Surf Guiding With Spot-M

    At Spot-M we are based some 3 hrs drive South of Tarazout where the water is a bit warmer and the swell more consistent. We have a huge selection of world class waves (many of them still secret) on our doorstep. Our team knows where the best waves are each day and will take you there. When you arrive you wont be joined by hordes of other hungry surfers or filthy water. Our water is clean and a high crowd count at most of our breaks is 5! Our accommodation is all of an excellent standard whatever your budget may be and you will never sleep in a dorm. Surf guiding Morocco with Spot-M is a very different experience to Tarazout as you will feel the real sense of exploration. Our packages are highly competitive and you will will get a lot more bang for your buck than elsewhere. Not to mention we take things a step further and run epic camping surf tours into the Sahara Desert

    Don’t be a sheep, be a wolf and come join us for some of Morocco’s finest waves with the best team in Africa!


    Surf Guiding Morocco With Spot-M

    Surf Guiding Morocco Spot-M Surf South Morocco Since 2008

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