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School Surfing Holidays In Morocco With Spot-M

Welcome to our specialist primary and secondary school surf holidays page. We have been working with a variety British schools since our first trip with Nailsea Secondary in 2014. These incredible trips provide a genuine and affordable alternative to the standard ski trips most students are offered.
Staying in exclusive Moroccan villa’s with swimming pools, gourmet meals prepared three times a day and surfing everyday with our team of professionals your group really is in the best of hands.
With a comprehensive range of cultural activities including a visit to a local school with opportunities to interact with local students, trips to Moroccan markets and a chance to learn the art of bartering, trips to cultural sights of interest including an abandoned colonial fortress.


How it works


Are you are a teacher/parent/head interested in bringing a group on one of our trips? We can offer a large amount of free support in getting the trip together. From organising flights, insurance and all logistics to delivering an assembly to students. We are here to help.


This is a truly eye opening experience for British students and the perfect way to allow your students to embrace this amazing country and culture. Here your students will learn that these kind and giving people are no different from themselves, and is in fact a great opportunity to make new friends. 


We recommend booking your trip at least 12 months in advance to ensure enough time for getting the trip organised and students signed up. Half-term’s and holidays are the best times but we can offer holidays in term time should that be more suitable. Call our team to discuss your options today.


Get In touch with us today to see what we can do for your school. With countless testimonials from other schools, all the assistance you might need getting the trip together from our dedicated team, we will make this process as easy as possible for you along the way. Oh and all teachers go for free… naturally. 

Dont miss out on your chance to go on a genuinely different School trip with that perfect blend of Sun, surf and cultural immersion all in a safe and controlled enviroment. Call us today to get started +44 (020) 3289 8937

“Hi Duncan. Thanks again to you and your wonderful team, we had the most amazing time, certainly the best week of my career and the kids are so stoked I don’t think they’ll ever come down!”

Christopher Denley, Headmaster Cape Corwall


Read A Review From One Of Our Recent Trips With Mounts Bay Academy On One Of Our Amazing School Surfing Holidays




We have been working closely with Mounts Bay Academy since 2010 providing lots of surfing opportunities for the pupils. In 2014 we approached the academy with an exciting opportunity to run a surf trip to our partners Spot-M‘s Surf Camp in South Morocco.

One year and numerous exciting meetings later, eleven students from years 7-11 waited with great anticipation on a frosty February evening at the gates of the academy.

Our ‘School Surf Trip‘ to Morocco began…



Eleven excited academy students, two staff members and two coaches arrived starry eyed in Marrakech.



The group arrived in Mirleft to a banquet meal prepared by our local Moroccan chief Aiesha, after a long journey and

with food comas kicking in the groups divided into their respective luxury boys and girls villas for a much need nights sleep.

After a scrumptious buffet breakfast the group then visited the local secondary school, gaining an insight into life as a Moroccan student. The school were brilliant, dressed in traditional clothing the students used this as a chance to practice their english, whilst the academy students were treated to traditional pastries and sweet tea, with the boys opting for a traditional henna tattoo, causing some laughter for the Moroccan students.

Could you cope with two lessons a day, each lesson lasting four hours? This was the school that Spot-Mcoach Hussain attended, seen here at the front of the class, clearly still a very good listener…


Creating an international and cultural link between both schools was very important. Here’s Mr Veal sealing the deal with some Cornish fudge and biscuits, I was informed that both were devoured instantly after we left the school


Day one came to a end with the students enjoying a cultural visit to the local town ‘Mirleft’ it was their first attempt at haggling! Some certainly need some more practice than others!


The most popular shop on the street was surprisingly, the doughnut shop… where it’s 1 dirham per doughnut, which worked out at about 7p!!!


More Sun And Surf Anyone?

Days two-five greeted us with warm African sunshine, light winds and perfect waves.  Endless walls of groomed white water rolled into the beach at Plage Savage, with layers of suncream applied and with colourful pink zinc noses, lips and ears the group were ready to surf.

Hussain, Hassan Smail, Bohcin made up the Spot-M team of expert coaches, all of whom did everything in their power to ensure the trip of a lifetime for all eleven students and two staff members from Mounts Bay Academy.


A Mounts Bay Academy Party Wave!!!


Some of the students found surfing on their feet far to easy and opted for surfing in their head to heighten the challenge, here’s Isaac sharing a wave with head of PE from the academy Mr Veal…


With every great wave come an even greater wipeout…


Great friendships were made between the Moroccan coaches and English students. Here’s Hussain and Jamie sharing a ‘shaka’ moment…


No Surf Trip Is Complete Without…

You can’t have a school trip without a cheesy group photo? A true School Surfing Holiday is now complete.

As we drew towards the end of this very special week, students bronzed and practically professional surfers we thought the group required more culture. So we donned our walking shoes (flip-flops) and made our way through old town Mirleft to the summit of the ancient French fort. Fifteen minutes later we were sat overlooking the town of Mirleft, quietly we watched as the enormous African sun swallowed the sky…

“Harry the suns setting over here!”

he Ultimate School Surfing Holiday

Our final evening in Morocco climaxed with a rustic wild boar buffet, which was naturally devoured in seconds by the academy students. As the students digested the incredible food the evening sprung into life once more when the local Moroccan band hauled all the students to their feet and proceeded to teach them the ways of the foot stamping tribal like traditional dance. Like the traditional Moroccans centuries ago we moved and swayed with stamped feet and linked hands, singing and cheering as the fire danced before us.


Once all the dancing was over we were left with the all important awards presentation. Each surfer was presented with an award that highlighted their weekly accomplishments. Hussain naturally was the best person from the team to present each of these awards. Here’s ‘Big Wave Dave’ Issac receiving his traditional Moroccan rock award…


As our epic journey draws to a close we we are now able to reflect on our African surfing experience.

Mr Veal

Director of PE

Mounts Bay Academy Quote,

“…..Morocco was a superb experience for the pupils at MBA. Not only did the group make great progress in their surfing the trip as a whole was actually a unique experience. The culture, the food and the people were amazing and for some a once in a lifetime opportunity”

We at Global Boarders and Spot-M look forward to your next trip to Morocco… Contact us today to find out more about bringing your group on one of our amazing school surfing holiday packages. Contact Steve at Global Boarders or Duncan at Spot-M for more information.



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